Output: The Future of Storytelling - Chapter 7


Go transmedia! Go wild! We are a huge community, so let’s make use of that and do some collaborative storytelling. Let’s create a transmedia project together.

HOW? Meet Aunt Renie.

Renie is a little, elderly lady, who’s always enjoyed lots of company. When her best friend dies, she decides to not be sad but instead use the time left to travel the world and explore as many new countries and cultures as she can.


Help Renie travel the world:

Write, draw, compose, film, design Aunt Renie little adventure in your neighbourhood. Tell a day in her life in your hometown, write down a recipe she has collected, or paint the contents of her suitcase.

You are absolutely free in regard to what medium or format you use to tell your story. Just make it about Aunt Renie and her adventures.


Her name was Aunt Renie. She was soaked with rainwater when I met her at my apartment’s guardhouse last weekend. 

"I’m sorry I couldn’t pick you up. I had to do a million things at work since, you know, I’m going on leave this coming week."

Her smile was as warm as ever. “It’s alright, my darling. Thank you for having me here. We shall have lots of fun these next few days.”

I held my bright red umbrella over her head, tapped my access card to open the steel gates, grabbed hold of her well-worn luggage, and led her in.

It was Mangangarap who told me that I should invite Aunt Renie over. Mangangarap said the elderly lady was a globe-trotter. Her best friend died recently, but she decided to live each of her remaining days on earth to the full, instead of living inside a bubble of melancholy.

"Oh you will not believe what a grand time I had in Cambodia. And Thailand. Their temples are amazing! Everything was so… pointy."

I chuckled. “Well, Aunt Renie, everything here in Malaysia’s going to be so… curvy,” I said, thinking of all the bridges and mosques.

"How darling!"

"You better get some rest, Auntie. Tomorrow’s going to be a big day. We’re going to see the Twin Towers first."

And so we spent the next five days touring. 

In Kuala Lumpur.


At Bukit Tinggi, a French Village near the capital.


In Melaka, two hours south of the city.


In Penang, five hours north. (We spent two days there).


We had great fun, though the driving tired me out a bit. And we took lots of pictures. I took lots of pictures of her, rather.

"Darling, we don’t have a single photo together!”

"We don’t? We should have one, then, before you go."

And so a friend of mine took this shot, outside a coffee shop where we spent time before I sent Aunt Renie off to her next destination.


See you around, Aunt Renie! Jumpa Lagi!